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Reasons You Should Check Your Homeowners’ Insurance Today

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As a CA homeowner, you’re probably interested in learning more about how you can get the most out of your home insurance policy. Regular checking and reviewing of your policy is one of the ways you can maximize its benefits. These are some of the reasons why regular review is important.

Damage and Accidents

We’d probably prefer not to think about it, but accidents can happen in any home, causing unexpected damage and loss. Making major changes to your home, such as an extension, renovation, or new appliances, could mean that your coverage needs change. Reviewing your insurance policy is therefore important when you make major changes, as different types of damage or accidents can apply with the new changes. 


The average home probably receives visitors every week. Have you considered some of the things that can happen when your friends visit? A child could trip and fall in your home, or someone could suffer an unexpected injury. You could be liable for compensating them. Your homeowners insurance could provide you with a level of financial compensation or protection in cases of liability.


Alarm and monitoring systems are important for any property, but it’s impossible to prevent all burglaries from happening. This is true even if you stay home all day, as some burglaries happen when the homeowner is at home. 

Keeping your homeowners’ insurance coverage current with regular updates is the best way to ensure that you’re covered for the types of damage and loss for which you’d like to be covered. 


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