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What to Do If You’ve Been a Target of Thieves

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It’s every CA homeowner’s nightmare: coming home, and discovering that an intruder has broken into your home and taken your valuables. Experiencing a burglary can be a frightening and stressful experience. These are some things you could do to manage the situation in the aftermath of a burglary.

The first thing you should do is call the police, and file a report. This will allow you to file an insurance claim on your homeowners’ insurance, but it could also heighten the chance that the intruders will be found and your items recovered. Give the police all the information they need and make sure you contact them as soon as possible.

Next, you’ll probably want to contact an agent about what was stolen and the value of these items. An agent can then assess the situation and process the claim as soon as possible, and check whether you’re eligible for compensation and how much you’ll receive. This could allow you to get back on your feet more quickly after the stressful incident.

You’ll probably also need to call for some repairs to be done to your home, whether it’s broken windows, broken locks, or some other sort of damage. Experiencing a break-in can be frightening, so take time to readjust to the emotional impact, even as you look after things such as filing a police report and an insurance claim.


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