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Top Tips for Reducing Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

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Homeowners in CA are probably looking at different ways to save on homeowners insurance, just as they are looking to make other household savings in the current financial climate. There are ways to cut down on insurance costs without compromising your coverage.

Check these ideas and see if you have some of them in place or not:

•    Raise your deductible – the out of pocket charge when you make a claim. A higher deductible can mean lower premiums.

•    Only insure your home for rebuild costs, don’t insure for land value as well.

•    Purchase your home and auto coverage from the same provider to attract discounts.

•    Make your home more disaster resistant – install wind shutters, strengthen the roof, and other measures that could mean less damage in severe storms.

•    Improve your security by installing smoke detectors, alarms and deadbolts to exterior doors and windows.

•    Maintain a good credit record – it makes you a low-risk client.

•    Stay with the same insurance provider to attract long-term policyholder discounts.

•    Review policies regularly and update so you aren’t paying for insurance you don’t need.

•    When you buy a home, choose carefully with a view to insurance costs – be aware of variables that could impact what you pay for premiums.

Your CA insurance agent may have further strategies to help you reduce your home insurance costs. Call today for a consult and restructure your coverage so it is financially sustainable.


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