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Household Saving Tips for Everyone

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There’s no denying the cost of living in CA is ever increasing. With households now costing substantially more to run, many are looking at ways of reducing spending on a long term basis. The good news is there are plenty of small steps you might take to help reduce living costs. The hard part often is changing well-established habits. From thinking green to giving your homeowners insurance a fresh look, here are some suggestions:

Gas and Electricity: Switch off lights and power points when they are not in use. Add a jumper or blanket first in cooler weather before turning on a heater.

Appliances: Consider purchasing Energy Star rated appliances, which have been tested to meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency. Old fridges in particular may cost a huge amount to run in comparison.

Water: Never leave a tap running when not needed, even when cleaning teeth. Place a bucket in the bathroom and recycle shower and bath water for use in the garden. Consider installing a water tank.

Building and renovating: If in a position to do so, use energy-efficient building materials in your home. Consider solar or wind power if appropriate.

Food: Plan meals to avoid wastage. Always use leftovers creatively. Grow your own herbs and vegies. They taste great, and will save you a bundle in the long term.

Finally, be sure to review your home insurance regularly to ensure you have the most appropriate coverage at the best price. An initial outlay on safety features such as deadlocks and a smoke alarm for instance may help you save money in the long term by reducing your premium costs.


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