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Swimming Safely, California-Style

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Californians love the sunshine, and if you love your swimming pool, you’ll no doubt be spending more than a few hours by the water this summer. Should you be planning a get-together by the pool, it’s a good idea to take a few precautions, including a check on your CA homeowners insurance. Most people are aware that pool safety is vital when children are around, but it’s just as important when only adults are in attendance.

In the first instance, it’s always wise to ensure the pool area is clear from clutter that might pose a hazard. The cable from a pool cleaner for instance could trip someone and cause a nasty head injury. Never assume that all guests can swim. Do discreetly ask each guest so that you’re aware of the situation. While a pool-side cocktail seems idyllic, it’s essential to understand that alcohol and swimming do not mix well. Try and keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and keep a watch on guests that may have consumed too much.

Before the party, it may also be worth checking your CA homeowners insurance. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the safety of guests on your property. Anyone injured in your pool has the potential to sue. Home policies tend to provide a liability component, however it’s sometimes recommended that pool owners take out additional coverage. Your insurance agent may assist with full details.


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