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Insurance Saving Tips for Californians

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California is an amazing place to live, with stunning natural beauty and lovely weather. Wherever you live in colorful CA, homeowners insurance may help you out in the event of a storm or fire. Many people may be fortunate to go for years without ever making a claim on their insurance, and it may seem like premiums are wasted money. But consider that it need only take a single event to destroy your California dream. Here are just a few options to help you stay protected, and save some money.

•    Install safety features around the home such as window locks, a smoke alarm and fire extinguishers

•    Replace worn or damaged elements of the house (such as the piping or roof) with new, structurally sound options

•    Use storm-resistant materials in the construction of your home

•    Make ‘green’ energy-efficient choices when purchasing appliances (look for the Energy Star rating)

•    Use sustainable building materials or other ‘green’ options when building or renovating

•    Combine policies such as home, life and auto insurance with a single provider

It’s essential to get individual advice, as there is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy. When reviewing your CA homeowners insurance costs, be sure to ask your agent for advice and information on potential discounts.


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